Gujjar status in English | Gujjar Attitude status in English

Gujjar society is one of the ancient and prestigious society. The community is also known as Gujjar, Gujar, Gojar, Gurjar, Gurjar and Veer Gurjar. There are about 85 gotras of Hindu Gurjaro. Gujjars have been valiant and mighty since ancient times. The Gurjars are mainly settled in North India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The name of this caste also comes in the national anthem of Afghanistan. Due to the historical influence of Gujjars, many places in North India and Pakistan are named after the Gurjar caste, such as Gujarat State of India. Gujarat District of Gujrat Punjab and Gujranwala District and Rawalpindi District Gujar Khan City.
Azam Syed
Azam Syed

Gujjars, who were proficient in martial arts in ancient times, are mainly associated with the business of farming and animal husbandry. Gurjars were considered good warriors and that is why they still have a good number in the Indian Army. Gujjars are spread across states like Maharashtra (Jalgaon district), Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir. All Gurjars in Rajasthan are Hindus. Generally Gurjars can be seen in all religions Hindu, Sikh, Muslim etc. Muslim and Sikh Gujjars were converted from Hindu Gurjars. They have a significant number of people around Gujarawalaan, Faisalabad and Lahore in Pakistan. The Muslims who are presently in Pakistan are mostly Gurjars. Gurjars constitute about 10–11% of the population in India.
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Gujjar Attitude status in English. Gujjar status in English. Desi Gujjar astatus in English. Fb Gujjar status in English.

Gujjar status in English

Everyone Fears Yamraj,
Yamraj Is Only Afraid Of Gujjar.

We Gujjar Do Not Punish The Enemies,
They Just Drop By Sight.

Gujjar Look Silent From Outside,
But They Keep The Storm Inside

Don’t be a slave in heaven.
Be a king of hell.

Do or not do Gujjar Yoga.
But do support if needed !!

Gujjar Attitude status in English

Because Fogg Is No Going On India Gujjar Dread Is Running …. !!

Gujjar  Our Status Is Not Out Of Our Loud Looks By Enemy Noise.

Gujjar never Lose.
Either Gujjar win or Gujjar Learn.

That person disappeared ...
Those who thought Gujjar was cheap!

Don’t Mess With Gujjar Otherwise,
You Will Mess With Life.

Gujjar status Photo

Desi Gujjar status in English

The eagle's eye and the Gujjar's mood.
I do not know when to change.

I don’t Need To Copy Any Celebrity
I Have My Own Personality.

That person disappeared
Those who thought Gujjar was cheap!

Whose father is a grandfather hunter.
We Gujjars are too heavy on them

Jealousy is a terrible disease.
Get well soon.

Fb Gujjar status in English

If you burn, let it burn
Quench is not my job.
Do not burn to ashes.
So Gujjar is not my Name.

Someone said i am iron.
Someone said, I am a soldier
Mother swear there was a stampede
When we said we are Gujjars.

Everyone tries,
But not everyone rules!
Everyone has the attitude,
But there is no style like Gujjars !!

Just like a Gujjar is not called.
They put emphasis on their arms and shoulders.

Land price And the courage
of a Gujjar never diminishes.